All things Americana

VGP Western offer vintage American collectables, memorabilia and accessories including US mint sets, hand-crafted leather items, pocket watches, belt buckles, metal signs, badges and much more... We also stock a wide selection of antique gun parts for Colt, Remington and Uberti.

Technical Difficulties

Rebuilding our webshop

We are currently rebuilding the webshop, due to unforeseen technical issues with our old site. All orders placed on the old webshop have already been shipped or in process or are being dispatched, we will be in touch to confirm. 
If you wish to contact us or would like to place an order for antique gun parts for Colt, Remington or Uberti, please send us an email.

For hand-crafted leather items and other Americana, we recommend visiting our Danish webshop in the interim. 

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Opening hours

Visit our showroom, close to the E45 motorway

or call ahead for an appointment