Colt Single Action Army SAA Pearl Colored  IMOP Pearl Grips (319) for 2nd & 3rd Generation

Second or Third Generation Colt Single Action Army revolver.  These are high luster quality grips. Beautiful and highly polished.  Made of premium acrylic these will stand up well to the rigors of use better than real pearl while providing a stunning appearance for your classic Colt.  These are ONLY for the "second or third generation" Colts, and not for the first generation guns.  If you're familiar with Colt SA some require fitting as the grip frame dimensions of individual guns varied during production.  The second and third generation Colt SAA are known to require custom fitting of any grips.  The Picture shows The Grips You Will Receive
                                                                           Please note:

If you over tighten the grips screws on these grips it may cause them to break, so no warranty is given if this happens.

Colt Single Action Army SAA Pearl Colored  IMOP Pearl Grips (319)

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